A cloud formation, or alien spaceship, was seen on the Front Range this morning (Oct. 17). The color and shape make you consider the alien spaceship theory.

This is definitely a weird-shaped cloud. It makes me think of an alien spaceship. Colorado is a hotspot for aliens, and maybe this is their way of communicating with us.

Or ...

This cloud of smoke gathered from the most devoted marijuana tokers in the state.

Actually, these are called lenticular clouds and come to find out, it's actually not formed by the dedication of stoners. It's from stable and moist air flowing over a mountain.

The clouds form in the shape because they're formed on the downwind side of a mountain or range, according to 9News.

Other imaginations determined that other than an alien spaceship, the lenticulars cloud also resembled a whale or a slug. It's nice to see our lungs, I mean imaginations, are so creative and hard at work.

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