Well, this is certainly a different type of big bang theory.

Adult toy company CVN.com Inc. launched a sex doll into space from Lake Tahoe, California in a moment that we can only assume was light years in the making.

The doll – she’s named Missy – soared into orbit, thanks to a four-and-a-half-pound balloon filled with hydrogen, making her the hottest piece of tail in space since Halley’s Comet last came around.

Missy zoomed 100,000 feet high at about 1,400 feet per minute and endured cosmic ray radiation. She even stayed intact even as the temperature plummeted to 70 below (are we the only ones who see an obvious joke about how her black hole can sure take a reaming?).

Eventually, Missy came a-tumblin’ down after reaching 102,000 feet. According to the video description:

The high G-force load of re-entry into Earth's thicker atmosphere deployed the parachute properly, but also damaged the doll by applying a shear force to its arms and legs.”

Yeah, we’re laughing at the phrase ‘re-entry,’ too.

So, what was the point of this little experiment? Was it so someone would create a bad Uranus joke? Or so we could find the scientific difference between fireballs and blue balls? Or maybe to point out that an enterprising soul has finally put the ‘ass’ in ‘NASA?’

Whatever the reason, we're grateful and pretty sure that Andromeda strain should actually be the name of a venereal disease.

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