Lots of us enjoying staring into space at the moon, stars, and planets, dreaming of jetting across the galaxy,  but, now, we can explore outer space without a spaceship thanks to Google Maps.

Google Maps is one of the great inventions of the 21st century and has become an integral part of every smartphone user in America. Whether you are trying to find a yard sale on the south side of Grand Junction or trying to find the best route to Creed, Colorado, Google Maps has revolutionized the travel process. Now, you can use it to explore the moon, some of the planets, and other celestial bodies.

Thanks to many years of photos, technology, and amazing artistry, you can experience Mars, Venus, Mercury, and various moons, all of which have Google Maps identifications of various places, just like it is on Earth. You can even take a virtual tour of the International Space Station with the click of a mouse.

It's a fun way to get a close up look at these heavenly bodies and you don't even have to leave Grand Junction or worry about motion sickness. Each celestial body is spinnable, so you can travel your way around Mars. Or explore the side of the moon that you never get to see when you look at it from your backyard.

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