Here's good news and bad news. The good news is there is a rare total solar eclipse this week, the bad news Grand Junction will not get to see it.

This  year's only total eclipse of the sun will happen late on Tuesday (March 8) but essentially only visible in Indonesia and parts of southeast Asia, according to

Barring a long flight across the ocean, the best bet to see the eclipse is on NASA's webcast or the webcast hosted by the Slooh Community Observatory.

Meanwhile, a 100-mile wide asteroid is also expected to pass relatively close to Earth on the same day. says the space rock will pass by earth about 3 million miles away, but could come as close as 15,000 miles. If it's the former distance, it will be difficult at best to observe the pass, according to NASA, so it's likely that Western Colorado misses this space phenomenon as well.

If you've seen any disaster movies lately, you know that an asteroid colliding with Earth would be catastrophic. However, it doesn't appear this one will be that close, so you probably need to go ahead and make your mortgage payment this month. We aren't going anywhere - yet.

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