August 1 is National Girlfriend Day. Did you forget to get a gift?

There is some debate over whether it's a day to celebrate girlfriends of the romantic variety or the girlfriends of the binge watch Sex and the City and go shopping with variety. But who cares? Twitter was loaded with people paying homage to this most sacred of days, courtesy of the hashtag #NationalGirlfriendDay.

There are plenty of shoutouts to real girlfriends, complete with photos that are so schmaltzy and sweet you'll get a cavity just looking at it, but, come on, do you really want to read that? No, that makes you more self-conscious about your wretched social life than you already are feel even worse about how the closest thing to a girlfriend you have is the hostess at Chili's who smiles at you when you walk in because she's paid to radiate cheeriness.

So, take a gander at some tweets and realize that you're not all alone in feeling all alone.

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