If you ask a native Coloradan which state they have the biggest beef with, it's likely that they're going to say California. Well, a new survey has proven that this is true. It's a bit of a whimsical map, pitting every state against the state that they hate the most.

The beef between Colorado and California has a lot of roots, including the amount of Californians that have moved here since Colorado legalized marijuana, the stereotype that Californians are bad drivers and the cost of living consistently going up.

Now don't get me wrong, I love California. In fact, if I could live anywhere else in the world it would probably be Los Angeles, but it's hard to ignore the animosity.

As I mentioned before, the map, although accurate is pretty funny. Hawaii apparently doesn't hate any other state, New Jersey hates everyone, and pretty much every state that borders California and Texas hates them.

I've also confirmed that Michigan does, in fact, have ill feelings toward Ohio, and vice versa, for a number of reasons, including a legendary college football rivalry. And, although it doesn't border any other state, apparently Alaska hates Texas too.

No offense Californian transplants, I still love ya.

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