This little piggy was on its way to the market, via 33 Road and D 1/2 road in Clifton, when it had a little run-in with the law.

Thanksgiving Day the Mesa County Sheriff's Office responded to several reports of a potbelly pig on the loose near 33 Road. It seems she was having a little difficulty crossing the road.

Was this a jailbreak? Was this little piggy on her way to the dinner table, and I don't mean as a dinner guest, but rather.... dinner? It seems not. In a nutshell, this pig was lost.

Had this piggy wanted to evade the law, could she have done it? Could she have pulled a Dukes of Hazzard and made a clean getaway? According to, the average domestic pig has a maximum speed of 11 miles per hour. A wild boar, which apparently isn't as chunky as your average pot-bellied pig, can reach speeds up to 15 miles per hour.

Why was she causing such havoc for the motorists in the area? reports:

Pigs don't usually run in a straight line. They often zigzag in order to escape enemies. If you are chasing a running pig, stop and save your strength. Wait for the pig to tire out.

Okay, good advice. According to, "Pigs are sprinters — which means they can run really fast for a short distance, but then they tire out easily." Be sure to remember that. It could come in handy someday.

What does one do when you have a renegade pig terrorizing Clifton? They give the pig a ride home. That's exactly what happened. End of story. Sorry, no Smokey and Bandit getaways to report. This little piggy was happily reunited with the family. Happy Thanksgiving.

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