Being a Student at CMU, Mix intern Nickolas Patton finds that Grand Junction locals and students of Colorado Mesa University have been plagued with slow and high priced internet service, but there is hope for a change.

In April of this year, Grand Junction residents may undergo a vote to overthrow Senate Bill 152, which limits a community say in broadband service.

This is especially encouraging for residents complaining about mediocre internet service.

On January 28, the Information Technology department at Colorado Mesa University sent a mass email to CMU students indicating that the wireless network access, the web help desk, and PC Registration went down. The email assured students that the issues would be corrected within two hours.

This was not only embarrassing for the IT department, but also frustrating for tuition paying students who require internet access.

“When the internet is good, it’s like dial up,” said Mass Communication senior Matt Macdonald. “When it’s bad, my weekly broadcast goes out in morse code and Russian,” he said.

Only time will tell what happens to the Western Slopes internet speeds. What do our listeners think about enhancing the broadband in Mesa County?