In this unprecedented time following the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it has been extremely difficult to be social, and even more difficult to make new friends. However, a Grand Junction High School teacher has created a program to allow students to connect with local senior citizens in a unique way.

The teacher, Lori Alpino-Holloway, created the program along with the National Honors Society which encourages high school students to become pen-pals with senior citizens in the area, which is proving to be an enriching experience for all parties.

Senior Centers such as The Commons of Hilltop have been especially isolated from the public during the pandemic, and this type of communication with the younger generation has really made an impact on the daily lives of not only the seniors but the students too.

In an interview, Holloway explained that she collects the letters from the post office, then drops them off at The Commons of Hilltop where the seniors eagerly wait for their latest correspondence.

The students have been writing letters, telling stories, telling jokes, sharing artwork and photos, and more with their pen-pals, undoubtedly bringing a ray of sunshine to the seniors' day.

It's stories like this that really restore my hope in humanity. It's not unlikely to hear stories of the younger generation being ungrateful and entitled, or the older generation being out of touch, but through this program, we see that age is just a number and in the current climate, we need as much connection and love as we can possibly get.

[Western Slope Now]

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