Joining Von Miller and Courtland Sutton is, of course, one of the Denver Broncos cheerleaders. Find out more about the woman representing the squad in Orlando below.

The AFC will be the 'home' team at Pro Bowl 2020, happening at 1 p.m. MST on Sunday, January 26, at Camping World Stadium in Orlando.

Von Miller was initially the only player to be on the roster for the game, but Courtland Sutton also got the call after a Houston Texas player got an injury.

But it's not just players that go to the Pro Bowl, each side (AFC, NFC) has a cheerleading squad as well. This year, there are 13 women for the AFC squad, including one of the 26 Bronco Broncettes.

In Orlando right now is one of the DBC captains, Jozie, a five-year veteran of the squad. From Omaha and Hastings College, she's their Director of Marketing and Social Media as well.

Go, AFC!

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