There's been nothing but mystery surrounding the monolith that appeared in the Utah desert. On November 27, 2020, some had had enough of it.

I caught the story from the New York Times about how a group of men went to take a look at the monolith and get some photos. One of the gentlemen is from Edwards, Colorado, and one is from Denver.

While this group of men was 'camped out' near the monolith that evening, at around 8 p.m., another group of four men came and approached the monolith with every intention of taking it down.

According to the article, the men rocked the monolith back and forth until it popped out of the ground. At that point, the men broke it apart (it was made out of plywood!) and hauled the pieces out with wheelbarrows that they'd brought with them.

A big question that has come up is, 'Why didn't anyone stop these guys from taking down the monolith?'

According to the article and one of the Colorado men's Instagram post about the event, they agreed with it coming down.

Get more on the night's adventure from the New York Times HERE.

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