Windsor's new Future Legends Complex will be the home to the Northern Colorado Owlz.

According to a press release on November 30, 2020, the Northern Colorado Owlz (NoCo Owlz), being moved from Orem, Utah, will be one of the seven teams in the newly-formed Pioneer League, which is a 'partner' league of Major League Baseball.

A new league, a new baseball complex, a new opportunity for Windsor.

Northern Colorado Owlz
Northern Colorado Owlz

From the press release:

The newly created league will include affiliated MiLB and MLB players, as well as independent professional athletes aspiring to be signed to a Major League contract

The other teams will come from Utah, Idaho, and Montana, with the inaugural season beginning as early as Memorial Day Weekend 2021, pending COVID-19 restrictions.

The Future Legends Complex will be a great home for the Owlz, being a sports, entertainment, and retail destination.

Also from the press release from the owner of the Owlz, Jeff Katowsky:

We hope that when kids come here and experience all that Future Legends has to offer, including the chance to interact with professional baseball players from the NoCo Owlz, they will be inspired to continue with their sports dreams.”

Get more on the new team and Future Legends from The Coloradoan HERE.

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