During the last legislative session, 31 new laws were passed. Included in those laws were the reorganization of the Civil Rights Commission and a law on "swatting".

The Civil Rights Commission had been charged with favoring those who complain over the businesses and were seeking a law to make the playing field a bit more even. This due to a Supreme Court ruling that sided with a baker who had refused to make a cake for a gay couple's wedding, stating his rights were violated by the commission.

The false reporting of an emergency is now a crime under this bill. False reporting, also known as "swatting", means someone called in an emergency when there wasn't one in order to pull a prank, or put another in harm's way.

This law makes it a misdemeanor for anyone not keeping an eye on a campfire or making sure it's completely out before leaving the campsite. With the fires going on this summer, this one will hopefully help reduce the fires caused by man.