A Colorado woman was bitten in the face by a dog only to see the owner take the dog and flee the scene.

Arvada Police are trying to determine the identity of the woman captured on video taking her dog and immediately leaving after the woman was bitten.

The  August 7 incident occurred on the patio of an Arvada restaurant. The husky seemed friendly enough and the woman was casually petting the dog, and put her face near the dog's face when, in a split-second, it snapped at her.

Police report the woman had to have eye surgery following the attack and may need more surgeries.

Of course, what is most unbelievable is how quickly the woman, who apparently owns the dog, takes the dog and leaves the scene after a momentary look at the condition of the woman.

This story illustrates exactly why dogs are not permitted at downtown Grand Junction events as well as some other local festivals. Expose a normally calm and friendly dog to strangers and the results are predictably unpredictable.

I have heard of numerous incidents where a person has been bitten in the face by a dog in an unprovoked, and non-violent attack. One lesson to be learned is to keep your face away from a dog's face, especially if it is not yours. Even a friendly dog can inflict serious damage with a playful reaction to a human.

Even my Frisco, the sweetest, most non-aggressive dog ever will playfully nip at my face when she is excited. I have learned to keep my face well away from her during these times of greeting.

This unfortunate story should serve as a reminder for all of us to be extremely cautious when encountering a strange dog, no matter how friendly it may seem. In this case, the dog was on a leash, and I'm not sure the owner could have done anything to prevent the attack as it seemed like an ordinary interaction between dog and human. It's what dog loves do.

However, just as dog owners need to take responsibility for the messes their dog makes at the park or on a neighbor's lawn, they also have to assume responsibility for the actions of their dog as it relates to other humans. In this case, a dog owner clearly shirked that responsibility, and she is liable for the injury incurred by this stranger.

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