Most people in Colorado have the utmost respect for wildlife, but a group of teens in Gypsum shocked the country with a heinous and vile act against a squirrel.

A video posted to Facebook captures a group of teens showing a complete disregard for life, killing an innocent squirrel by flushing it down the toilet.

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The Eagle County Sheriff's Office Responds To Colorado Squirrel Death

People across the country are asking what actions are being taken against the teens who brutally killed this poor creature.

The Eagle County Sheriff's office responded in a comment on the video of the squirrel death stating:

The Eagle County Sheriff’s Office is aware of this incident and our School Resource Officer is working with the school officials, the students involved & their parents. Charges have been submitted, several student[s] suspended and the full story of the incident is being investigated.

The teens are alleged to be students of Eagle Valley High School where the drowning is believed to have taken place.

PETA Responds to Gypsum Squirrel Murder

The video has been so widely circulated that it caught the attention of PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

PETA immediately responded with a letter asking Eagle County School District Superintendent Philip Qualman, "to provide the district with a K–12 kindness-to-animals curriculum and 'Empathy Now,' a guide to preventing all kinds of violence by young people."

PETA had this to say about the Gypsum squirrel murder:

Drowning would be every bit as painful and terrifying for a squirrel as it would be for another mammal, like a dog or a human. Compassion and empathy can be learned, and TeachKind is on standby to help schools teach young people that violence is wrong, whether the victim is a squirrel or a student.

Video Shows Eagle County Students Flush Squirrel

I have to warn you that this video is extremely graphic. Honestly, I wish I never watched it.

At least we know Eagle Valley has their mascot correct, as they're known as the Eagle Valley Devils.

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