A tale right out of a soap opera is unfolding at a Colorado fire department and came to a head after an incident involving a stuffed rat, resulting in one of the firemen being suspended.

What Happened at the Colorado Fire Department?

Let's start this story from the beginning. It all began when a captain at the Denver Fire Station 5 in Glendale, Colorado was demoted for an undisclosed offense leading to the fire department taking disciplinary action against him.

Following the captain getting in trouble, he appealed the case after being demoted and the case is still ongoing to this day.

The drama escalated after one of the firemen at the Glendale Fire Department referred to only as 'JB,' was set to testify against the now-demoted captain and his appeal.

Here's where the stuffed rat comes into the picture.

A Rat in the Glendale Colorado Fire Department

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With all of the drama going on at the Glendale Fire Department, it seems that at least one of the firemen, a man named Aaron McNally, wasn't a fan of JB's willingness to testify against the disgraced demoted captain and sought to intimidate him by suggesting that he was a 'rat.'

He did this by putting a stuffed rat into JB's sleeping area which left him extremely uncomfortable and the animosity caused him to not only fear for his own safety but that of his family as well. This happened back on November 29th of last year.

Once the gesture from McNally to JB was revealed it prompted an investigation by police citing intimidation.

What's Going to Happen to the Glendale Colorado Fireman?

The intimidation attempt by McNally was not taken lightly by authorities and has resulted in the fireman getting suspended for 51 working days due to him breaking codes of conduct currently in place at the fire station.

However, it would appear that no charges are to be filed against McNally for his intimidation attempt against JB.


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