This is one flame-broiled prank.

Burger King France has put out this fake ad (at least we hope it's fake) for Whopper toothpaste.

The product, which we're assuming won't be coming to stores near you anytime soon, has "flame grilled micro-granules enriched with cysanium seeds contribute to your oral health."

Maybe after you clean your teeth you can also throw on some Burger King perfume and then maybe you'll want to go talk to someone about how you have an unhealthy obsession with smelling like greasy fast food.

BK has definitely gotten in the spirit of April Fool's Day. Let's just hope it doesn't spend too much time coming up with offbeat ideas to forget its top priority is to cook up hamburgers. Sure, it's done some clever marketing, but in the end, you gotta focus on feeding your customers.

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