Colorado is home to many an elaborate recreational vehicle, but this one takes the cake. This modified airplane/camper was spotted over the weekend in Paonia.

You've probably seen instances where someone has converted an old van or even a storage unit into a camper. Have you ever seen anything like this? I haven't, not at least until last Saturday, March 24.

Waylon Jordan

I made my way to Paonia with the Swing City Express to perform at the Blue Sage. Directly across the street from the venue was this little beauty.

After reaching out to aviation enthusiasts via Facebook, it was learned this was a C-45 Expeditor, a twin-engined, low-wing light aircraft which typically carried between 6-11 people. The craft was manufactured by Beech Aircraft Corporation of Wichita, Kansas.

Before becoming a camper, what kind of service did this aircraft see? It seems during the World War II era, over 4,500 such aircraft saw service as light transports, photo-reconnaissance, light bombers, aircrew trainers, and as a "mother ship" for target droneds.

Now, it appears this craft serves as a camper used for getaways, sleeping, making coffee, and kicking back to relax.

Waylon Jordan

To date, I've never seen this putting around the valley. This trip to Paonia was the first and only time I've seen it. I can only assume it is being used as a camper. It was parked on the side of the street, so I was able to walk up and take a fairly close look.

Waylon Jordan

Kudos to the person with the talent to make these modifications. They did an amazing job. Keep your eyes open for a C-45 to come cruising down your street.