It happened. The snow finally fell in the state of Colorado. But sure not like the photo above. Around Grand Junction, not much fell. But elsewhere in the state, and even sort of close by there's snow on the ground. Want to see?

Kayleigh Reynolds, used by permission

This one, sent by Kayleigh Reynolds was taken in Mack at 6 A.M. You could actually be convinced snow fell. And if you go outside even further, say to Paonia, look what Colleen Dolan sent.

Colleen Dolan-used by permission

Oooh those blizzard-like conditions! Makes you want to put more wood on the fire, pour a mug of hot cocoa and stay indoors doesn't it?

Jack Taylor

Meanwhile, the streets in Grand Junction are up in arms over all of the snow we got here in town. Shouts of "O.M.G. what are we going to do now"? Or "Wait, I can't drive in this" are not heard. And the skies, while cloudy all day, do not seem to want to dump mountainous amounts here.

I have to say, I am a little disappointed. Not that I enjoy driving in snow, or walking in snow, or even the word snow, honestly, but let's be honest. It's definitely not looking a lot like Christmas around here.

And as you can see, Denver really took the brunt of the storm.

I am sure that the Blizzard of 2017 will go down in history as one of the lamest, sorriest blizzards on record. Even though it wasn't a blizzard. More of a mild dusting.

Safe driving!