It's seems like the smaller the dog, the bigger the fight. That must be the case for this tiny Colorado dog who stared down a curious mountain lion that showed up at his family's back door.

Grand Lake, Colorado is a beautiful place. It also has wilderness all around which is happens to be the perfect habitat for mountain lions like this. This huge cat showed up at the family's back door, but the family dog wasn't budging.

Watch this staring contest. You can practically feel the mountain lion wishing the glass would go away.

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I've got to say that mountain lions get a bad rap. An attack on a human is beyond rare as they tend to be timid animals that avoid places where people are. The Mountain Lion Foundation claims you're more likely to drown in your bathtub than be attacked by a mountain lion. The fact is there are more people killed by their pets than mountain lions.

But...if a mountain lion is cornered or feels threatened (or is starving), be glad the glass door is there and hope it's thick also. This big cat is more than likely just curious about the dog than really wanting a fight. If the mountain lion saw a human approaching the door, I'd bet my bottom dollar that he/she/it would take off into the woods.

Still, kudos to the small dog on not backing down. No matter if he realized the real danger, that's an admirable little guy to stand guard so dutifully.

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