Halloween makes me think about decorations, costumes, and candy -- mostly candy. These are Grand Junction's favorite kinds of Halloween candy.

Here's something to get you into the spirit:

Trick-or-Treat give me all of Grand Junction's favorite Halloween candy to eat.

I know what my favorite Halloween candies are and I wondered about yours. I wanted to know what kind of treats Grand Junction like to eat, so I asked you. After asking you this on our Facebook, these are Grand Junction's favorite Halloween treats.

Some of the answers on our Facebook surprised me. I can't say I remember ever getting a popcorn ball while trick-or-treating. Is this a Colorado thing?


Now, these kinds of candy are right up my alley. The more chocolate, the better.

I enjoy more than just chocolate during Halloween, just like Grand Junction. I like how Susan Wonders gets her favorite kind of Halloween candy.

When it comes to candy corn, Grand Junction is on the fence.

No matter what kind of candy it is, I'm happy to celebrate Halloween by eating it.

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