The pandemic has taken a toll on many, many facets of our lives; including not being able to get drink on a Southwest flight. That's about to end, and not everyone is happy about it.

As someone who has a flight scheduled on Southwest Airlines after February 16, 2022, I'm a bit leery on how it's going to go, as that's when Southwest has announced they'll go back to offering alcohol on flights.  Better still? I'm flying to Las Vegas. People who fly to Vegas, love their booze along the way.

I haven't taken any flights at all since the COVID-19 pandemic began, so I haven't been one to see the mayhem that has been going on regarding wearing a mask while in flight, and the altercations that have happened, especially with those who've been drinking while in flight. It has to be very unnerving, for everyone involved.


According to AXIOS, the union that represents the Southwest flight attendants is calling 'foul' on the entire idea of resuming alcohol sales during flights this soon, after pausing sales in March of 2020.

The union is concerned about the safety of their union members, as they'll be serving alcohol to passengers while the federal mask use policy remains in place. That scenario (drunk people not wanting to wear masks and accosting attendants) is what lead to the halting of alcohol sales.

The union let Southwest clearly know their anger in a Facebook post:


Maybe Southwest will change its mind and go back to not offering alcohol to passengers before I fly in late February of 2022.

Get more on the resumption and the discord with the union HERE.

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