After nearly 20 people had to be rescued after attempting to adventure on the Poudre, they've shut down access between College and Shields.

With great weather seeming to have taken so long to get to the Fort Collins area this year, it's not surprising that people are eager to get out on the river. The thing is, conditions are hazardous to do so at least for the next couple of weeks.

Fort Collins Police Services has announced that they've closed the parking lot at Legacy Park, off of College, and the North Shields River Access lot to motor vehicles. In addition, they have shut down access to the Poudre's shoreline entirely between the North Shields Access and the Skyler Natural Area, just west of Legacy Park.

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Not only are waters high from runoff, but debris from the Cameron Peak Fire is also coming down the river, making things even more hazardous.

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Despite all warnings about how hazardous conditions are for floating and boating on the Poudre, this season Poudre Fire Authority has already rescued 18 people from the river, only two of those people were on the river outside of the city.

Fort Collins Police Services Assistant Chief Kristy Volesky stated:

We know it’s summertime, it’s hot, and people want to enjoy our beautiful natural resources, but it’s just not safe to float or boat on this part of the Poudre River right now..


..We’ll continue working with our local partners to inform the community, reduce unsafe activities, and prevent tragedy

Many that have had to be rescued were not only unaware of the dangers of the Poudre, they came unprepared, equipment-wise, and skill-wise. Find out how to be safe on the river from Poudre Fire Authority HERE.

Pedestrian, cycling, and non-motorized access will remain open at the two lots, while river access will remain off-limits until they feel it's safe again.

Get more on the Poudre access closures within the city from Fort Collins Police Services HERE.

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