The 27th Annual Colorado Mountain Winefest was this past weekend in Palisade, attracting wine lovers from all around. After the wine kicked in, I asked some people to try some tongue twisters. Watch this video of people trying (key word is trying) tipsy tongue twisters at Winefest.

Whenever I asked if they wanted to try out my tipsy tongue twisters, most people were not shy -- at all. And they had no issue with a camera in their face, I think that may have something to do with the wine that was flowing all day.

I love that many people volunteered their friends, knowing their friends had the 'tipsy' part of the tipsy tongue twisters down pat.

Despite what they thought, when people went faster (or got louder) they did not get better at the tongue twisters.  At 1:05 in the video above you can see a man preparing himself for the tipsy tongue twisters by attempting to rub his drunkenness away, it didn't work.

At 1:22 in the above video, someone tries out a tongue twister with such style and ease when he gets done he says:

"If I had a mic, I'd drop it."

And to that, we said, 'I think you guys need a little bit more wine.'

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