There are quite a few famous inventions from Colorado that everyone knows about. For instance, Crocs, Otterbox, and Chipotle all have origins in the Centennial State.

However, one invention that has ruined the days of many drivers across the globe also comes from Colorado, the infamous parking boot.

The Parking Boot: A Colorado Invention

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The parking boot, also known as wheel clamp, wheel boot, and even Denver boot, first came into fruition during the final days of World War II in 1944.

The inventor, a man by the name of Frank Maugg, lived in Denver and was not originally known as an inventor, but rather was famous for playing violin in the Denver Symphony Orchestra.

While the boot was first patented by Maugg in 1958, it was first used a few years prior in 1955 by the Denver Police Department, which is how it earned its nickname "the Denver boot."

As you probably know, these boots are used primarily as an alternative to towing in order to enforce illegal parking measures but unlike towing, the boot doesn't allow the car to move until the owner of the vehicle pays to have it removed.

Maugg not only invented the boot but was the primary distributor of his invention even after his death, as his daughter took over the business for him in later years all the way up until the rights to the invention were bought in 1986.

So, next time you park in front of a fire hydrant and find one of these annoying, big metal boots on your driver's side wheel, you can take a little pride in knowing that the concept was born right here in Colorado.

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