Here's a look at some of the surprising health benefits of drinking coffee - and a fun look at movie titles where we insert the word coffee.

Coffee drinkers belong to a special club, although it's not exclusive. They tell us 3 out of 4 Americans drink coffee every day. I am one of those people, are you? While we are always wondering if it's good for us or bad for us, we just keep on drinking and drinking.

Recently, a listener shared some information with me from touting the health benefits of coffee. When it comes to coffee, I consider myself to be a heavy drinker, so it definitely grabbed my attention.

Life Expectancy

A 2013 study revealed that drinking 4 cups of coffee a day greatly increased the chances of premature death. However, the study didn't seem to take into account the fact that the people who drank the most coffee had an increased tendency to smoke - and to be less fit

Lower Risk of Cancer

Studies published in the British Medical Journal have found the more coffee people drink, the lower their risk of developing liver cancer. Recent research has shown that women who drink more coffee have a reduced risk of cancer of the womb.

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Coffee is Not Dehydrating and Does Not Raise Blood Pressure

It's true that caffeine is a diuretic - but only at high doses. Additionally, the report says coffee has only a small effect on blood pressure - like running up the stairs. That's not the same as having unhealthy elevated blood pressure.

Other Coffee Revelations

You can see more about what Healthy Food says about coffee, but it goes on to say that coffee is not fattening or addictive, does not raise cholesterol, and is not damaging to the heart. I'm hoping it's all true because I plan on continuing my daily coffee ritual.

Grand Junction's Funny Movie Titles With Coffee

Now for some fun. We asked our coffee-drinking movie-loving listeners to give us the name of one of their favorite movies - but replace one word in the title with "coffee." The results you can see below are hilarious.

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