Colorado is choked full of natural wonders, take the Great Sand Dunes, Medano Creek, for instance, which appears for a short time once a year.

Every spring, during the snowmelt season, Colorado's valleys fill with rushing water creating seasonal rivers and streams. Some of these waterways exist throughout the year, others sprout up and dry up before you know it.

Medano Creek begins high in the Sangre De Cristo mountains, above Colorado's beautiful Great Sand Dunes, when temperatures warm enough to melt the winter's snow.

Mesmerizing Video of Medano Creek at Colorado's Great Sand Dunes
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As the snow melts, it fills Medano Lake below the summit of Heard Mountain. Medano Lake spills its contents into Medano Creek which makes its way through mountain valleys then along the dunes.

Tourist flock to the Great Sand Dunes National Park to experience this rare occurrence. Always check with the national park to see how crowded it is. You may want to plan for a late June visit.

Medano Creek peaks in late May retreating back to the mountains in July.

The above video will definitely mesmerize you.

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