A full-service gas station can mostly be put in the nostalgic memories alongside go-go boots, lava lamps and I Love Lucy.

In the 1970's, there were two different gasoline shortages and that really forced the squeeze on the extra service that these gas stations were provided.

The exception to this trend was found in Oregon and New Jersey until recently. Those states and a few random cities across the U.S. banned pumping your own gas due to efforts to save jobs and overall safety.

Recently, I was driving west on Prospect and stopped for a red light, and I saw that the demolishing of one of these nostalgic Fort Collins landmarks was well underway.

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It's fun to think about the customer service provided for 25 years at the Hospital Automotive/Texaco station at Prospect and Lemay. The attendants of full-service gas stations had many names throughout their popularity.

They could be called a gas jockey, a filling station attendant, or gas station attendant. Typically the gas jockey didn't take payment but would spend time cleaning your windshield, pumping the fuel and checking your oil.

Hospital Automotive is continuing service and has mentioned they will find another location to operate from.

The Coloradoan reported about the changes in 2021, describing how Kum & Go would be putting up a convenience store in this location with healthier convenience foods.

The city of Fort Collins posted the Findings and Decisions on the new Kum & Go location, which was approved on Nov. 30, 2022. That document also includes blueprints.

Pretty soon, there will be a brand new big red gas pump awning that could be found in any city, on the corner where a little piece of nostalgia has sat for as long as most of us remember.

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