The time has come, that either the longtime multi-police agency charitable organization locates a new space, or they'll simply have to end the program.

For decades, these Colorado police agencies and myriad volunteers have come together to make sure kids who might not see a Christmas get one; it would be a travesty to see them have to shut down.

Facebook/Santa Cops Larimer County

It was in February of 2022, that Santa Cops of Larimer County was informed that they'd be having to move out of the Outlets at Loveland. That became a big mystery as to "why?." Then, we all found out that the Outlets were being sold, becoming The Yards.


Since early 2022, Santa Cops has been trying to locate a new operating space that's big enough and that they can use year-round. It's now looking like the organization is at its "wit's end" with trying to find something, as they're saying they'll have to shut down Santa Cops of Larimer County unless something can be found, soon.

Facebook/Santa Cops Larimer County


  • 5,300 square feet of space.
  • Within Larimer County.
  • Year-round access.
  • Very low cost or free.
  • Deadline: Thursday, August 31, 2023.

Santa Cops of Larimer County has helped tens of thousands of families throughout their existence; tens of thousands of more families could go without their help if a location is not found.


From Santa Cops:

Santa Cops of Larimer County works to provide toys for children in need in Larimer County to enhance the relationship between children and law enforcement within our communities for Christmas and throughout the year.

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