How would you like to own hotels on the most expensive street in the state of Colorado? For that matter, where will you find the most expensive street in Colorado, and who owns it? Maybe you do. Have you played Colorado Opoly?

Tom Freeman

Keep in mind, this is Colorado, the state where a trailer house on a 1/8 acre lot will cost you $120,000.00. The cost of a three-bedroom house on a 1/2 acre lot = forget it. If you want to be a real estate tycoon in this state, here's your chance.

The North Avenue Wally World has this game in stock at the low price of $19.98. As a matter of fact, the game has its own display.

Tom Freeman

What kind of real estate will you acquire with this game? Are we talking about multi-million dollar houses in Vail or a four-plex in Clifton?

Looking at the cover of the box, Rocky Mountain National Park comes in at $350, while Colorado Ski Country costs $250.

Colorado Opoly, "A Game Celebrating Colorful Colorado," is available now. I'm not one for board games, so if you should happen to pick up the game, please give it a whirl and let me know if you liked it.