The beginning and middle of the COVID-19 pandemic in Colorado seem like just a bad nightmare, but it was real and we have some embarrassing data from it.

According to a new report from Cherry Digital, those living in Colorado were some of the biggest hoarders of toilet paper during the pandemic.

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(St)Roll Down Memory Lane

Remember when the pandemic began and the common consensus was that we just had to hold off from public outings for one to two weeks? Then that quickly turned to a month, the summer, and the years to follow.

A pandemic is something the majority of us had never experienced and as people do, a lot of us panicked.

Supplies Were Scarce

Common household items quickly disappeared from the shelves leaving many people to visit multiple stores for everyday items like toilet paper, paper towels, disinfectant wipes, canned foods, rice, and pasta.

Of course, the scarcity of these supplies only led to more panic and people began hoarding these items due to fear of being without them.

Data Shows Which States Were Guilty of Toilet Paper Hoarding

While some items are still a bit hard to find, most necessities are once again easily available for purchase. Now that time has passed and we have, for the most part, put the pandemic behind us, we can see just which states were responsible for hoarding toilet paper.

By looking at the data of online searches for toilet paper during March 2020, we can determine where people were most guilty of panic buying during the pandemic.

The number 1 ranked state is Arizona with an 11,155% increase in searches for toilet paper from the year prior. The 2nd highest state is California with a 9,710% increase, and rounding out the top 3 is Colorado with a 7,715% increase.

What Defines Hoarding?

It appears that a lot of people have a different definition of hoarding. Some people believe that it's having an unnecessary amount of items accrued over time while others believe it's purchasing a large amount of the same item at one time.

There are some people who have not bought toilet paper since the pandemic began because they were able to stockpile toilet paper. Would you consider that hoarding?

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