We live in a social media world, but it can be a very unfriendly place.

It's possible you have received a text similar to the one pictured above - which is the one I received recently. It looks like a message from my bank, but it's not. Upon receiving it and figuring it was a scam, I immediately contacted my wife, warning her to ignore the message and delete it if she received a similar message. It seemed fishy.

Shortly after this, the Grand Junction Police Department published a screenshot of a text message that looked very similar to mine and issued a warning. They plainly stated that this is a scam intended to try and get access to your personal financial information.

Their advice was to delete the message, and they reminded us to never provide account information and PIN numbers in response to an unsolicited contact.

Unfortunately, there is always some unsuspecting soul who falls for the scam and gets taken for a ride. Often times these individuals are the elderly, who tend to be especially vulnerable to such scams.

So, if you get a text message that looks like this one, be assured, it is, in fact, just a scam. Don't click on the link, do not respond, and delete the message from your phone.

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