Have you ever driven down a road that you haven't for a while, and seen something that seems like it shouldn't be there? That was the experience I had, maybe you have, too.

It was almost surreal, when I saw this 'thing' out east on the horizon while driving on Colorado Boulevard (County Road 13) south of Highway 60. I was on my way to Frederick to check out an event going on; I committed myself to finding out what that thing was on my way back.

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From miles away, it kind of looked, to me, like some sort of space equipment; like a launch site. My curiosity was severely peaked, as I tried to figure out how to get over there and get a closer look at that thing.  I found that if I took County Road 42 east of Colorado Boulevard, I'd indeed be closer.

South of Country Road 42 on County Road 17, south of Johnstown, is where this thing is located. There was a road without a gate or sign, so I took that road to get closer. I drove right up to it, where I found a work site without workers (it was Saturday;) only a porta-let for the workers.

TSM/Dave Jensen

Any trepidation about this thing began to fade as there was nothing saying 'Danger' or 'Stay 30 Feet Back.' So, I wandered around the site for a few minutes, seeing if there was anything that would tell me what it was. There was not.

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After showing several people the picture of the "thing" that I had questions about, a couple that I know, that have lived in the Windsor area for many years, recognized my 'mystery.'  It is a an elevated water storage tank--- still under construction. They recalled seeing the same 'weird' thing when the water towers near the Walmart Distribution Center were built.

Dave, you should find a way to be there when they raise  the top part off the ground, into place; that is really something to see.


Google Maps

My 'weird' tank under construction, is a part of Johnstown's Capital Improvement Project Master Plan; the tank [tower] should be completed by by the end of 2022.

Glad to know that it's not anything nefarious.

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