Life is not fun and games.

That's a lesson one father wanted to pass on when he ordered his son to destroy his Xbox for getting bad grades.

The dad paraded his son out to the front yard with a sledgehammer and forced him to break the system like he was a prisoner on a chain gang digging a ditch.

The boy is beyond despondent and even does the kid thing by blaming his teacher because clearly the educational system wants to punish kids instead of speeding them through the K-12 conga line that puts out illiterate gas station cashiers.

There are people at funerals who are less upset than this kid is. If he had done better in school, he could probably tell you that he wasn't just "upset," but he was "devastated."

It does seem like a rather harsh punishment. Unless the family got the Xbox for free, this is a colossal waste of money coming at the expense of teaching the kid a lesson. Couldn't the dad have just hidden the Xbox and given it back to Junior after he started bringing home C's in pre-algebra?

And while we're talking about underachieving and not reaching potential, let's not let the dad off the hook here, either. He gets an F for taking a vertical video and another F for lawn maintenance. What's going on with that front yard? Has he never heard of a sprinkler?

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