Video games make for a nice diversion after a long day at work, but like anything, they can become an addiction.

Here are some ways to tell that your gaming habits have gone a bit too far.

1. You tip over trash cans looking for fully cooked turkeys when you're hungry.

2. You have tried to "Fus Ro Dah" an annoying coworker. 

3. When someone says the word "toasty", you cannot stop yourself from singsong yelling "TOASTY", a la Mortal Kombat.

4. You are unaware of major events in the real world, because you're not quite sure there even is a real world anymore. 

5. You haven't given up on video game movies and go see every Resident Evil sequel, despite all evidence that it's going to be crap. 

6. When you see a nice car, your first thought is to steal it because you bet it would go really fast careening around Liberty City, uh, we mean, wherever you live. 

7. When you enter a building, you immediately look around for the surfaces you could shoot a portal onto. 

8. Your farm on Farmville is better cared for than your actual plants… or your pubes.

9. You rifle through the knick knack containers and chests in other people's houses, expecting to find gold coins. 

10. You can articulate a complete series of plays for a pro basketball game, but you've never made a shot from the free throw line in reality.

11. Your knowledge of war comes solely from Call of Duty. 

12. If you're reading this, you aren't playing too many video games, because reading this means you're doing something other than playing video games.

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