When going on vacations, more often than not, my wife and I use a hotel room or Airbnb for sleeping and taking showers. That's it. We're not spending much time in the living quarters, we're spending our time experiencing a new city or location.

However, I understand the allure of an ultra-luxury hotel or one-off property. It's just not in my budget. Chances are that one Aspen luxury vacation rental home, even if you are making a six-figure salary, would be out of your budget too.  The listed on Cuvee is a  seven-bedroom, 20,000-square-foot home dubbed "As Good As It Gets" and the nightly price tag lives up to the name.

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At a nightly range of $36,000 all the way up to $45,000, you are going to pay a pretty penny or two to stay in this home. I was curious and wanted to see how much it would cost for a week-long stay for myself and eleven other guests. The dates were March 4, 2023, through March 11, 2023. The rent price came out to $210,000 along with another $42,428.40.

The total cost for the stay is $252,248.40. When you break down the quarter million dollar stay between a dozen people, the rate is $3,505 per night, per person. Still pricey, but looking at it that way is an easier financial pill to swallow.

Now, just because we cannot afford to book a vacation at this Aspen, Colorado home, doesn't mean we can't take a look inside this place:

At $45k Per Night, Could This Be Colorado's Most Expensive Vacation Rental Ever?

This luxury Aspen, Colorado vacation rental home rents for $45k per night during the peak season.

Want to learn more about the Aspen, Colorado home known for being "As Good As It Gets"? Take a look at the booking site for the home on Cuvee.

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