If you know much about organ transplants, then you have likely gone through some hard times either personally needing one or with someone you love needing one.

A few years ago my mom was hoping to be eligible for a liver transplant. To help that happen a few of us family members had to sit and learn all about liver failure and liver transplant and life after a transplant. Unfortunately, she was not eligible.

I had no idea, about any of it. I also had no idea how many people need an organ transplant and how tough it can be to get on a list. Basically, they don't want to give a healthy organ to someone who is not in a position to give a transplant the best chance possible. If you can find a living donor, things happen a lot faster or happen at all.

There are a few websites that connect those in need with those who are able. One of those websites is Matching Donors. They provided the following statistics:

  • Around 1,500 people in Colorado are currently waiting for a lifesaving transplant. More than 100,000 people nationwide are waiting.
  • 234 generous organ donors made a record 642 lifesaving transplants possible in Colorado.
  • On average, 17 people die each day while waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant.
  • 41,354 organ transplants were performed using organs from deceased donors in 2021.
  • Additionally, 6,538 living donor transplants were performed in 2021.
  • Of the patients waiting, 90,325 (85%) are in need of a kidney and 11,477 (11%) are in need of a liver transplant.
  • Every 9 minutes someone is added to the national organ transplant waiting list

If you become an organ donor, you can save a life. Consider seeing if you're a match.

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