CSU Athletics began their phased return to campus on Monday (June 8). However, much like everything right now, it won't be "business as usual".

According to a press release, 35 student athletes will make the return to campus today; but before starting workouts, they will go through several steps put in place by the school in accordance with the Colorado Department of Higher Education, the Pandemic Planning Team, and state orders. Some of these steps include:

1.       Student-athletes will be tested for COVID-19 as part of their return to participation physical exam.

2.       Student-athletes will complete a COVID-19 daily symptom assessment prior to each workout, which will include checking athletes for fever and other symptoms.

3.       The size of workout groups will be limited to optimize physical distancing.

4.       The initial phases of strength and conditioning will be conducted outside to enhance safety.

5.       Equipment will be cleaned and disinfected after every use. (Source)

In early July, expect to see more athletes from men's and women's basketball, soccer, and volleyball return to the courts.

CSU Athletics is currently working on how to let the fans see their favorite tournaments, but it's not in the cards just yet, so for now, just be grateful that some of our favorite athletes are getting back to the game.

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