The pastor of a nondenominational church, Lord's Vineyard Fellowship Church, in Pueblo was allegedly shot and killed by his son while in a drunken argument.

According to the Christian Post, 52-year-old Pastor Cecilio "Roman" Ortiz, who also ran a local barbershop, died on Sunday night from a gunshot wound said to have been inflicted by his own son, Malachi, who is now facing second-degree murder charges.

Roseen Ortiz, Pastor Ortiz's wife and Malachi's mother, called 911, but only got their voicemail. They finally called back and police responded to the call.

The mother explained that her son was having a hard time coming to grips with what transpired when he became sober.

According to the Christian Post, Malachi asked his mother to ask his sisters and his nieces and nephews for forgiveness, and to tell the family and the church family that he was sorry.

“With great sorrow and sadness that we announce there was a tragic accident involving our beloved pastor,” the church’s Facebook page post continues, “Anyone who would like to be with the family and offer prayer can meet at the church. The doors are open.”


KOAA reports that Malachi Ortiz will make a court appearance on Thursday.


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