In Colorado, we know those on the road can't drive very well, or walk, or ride their bike. These bumper stickers will let you know what you're about to deal with.

Assembled here are the ten best sticker ideas you have ever seen in your life. And by all means, feel free to add your own thoughts.

Left Lane Camper

"I Found My Camping Spot, It's In The Left Lane"


You know them. There they are in the fast lane blissfully cruising along, unaware that a line of traffic a mile long is behind them, shaking their fists and muttering unpleasant things at them. Put one of these on their car and at least you know ahead of time who you're dealing with.

Signal Free Driver

"I'm Turning, Eventually, Maybe"


The ones who put excitement in driving. Never knowing if they are turning or not until they do, these drivers drive more than their vehicles. They drive people nuts. They drive up blood pressure. And they need to be identified.

Brake Jockey

"Surprise! I'm Stopping"


Also known as the two-footed driver, these drivers keep you guessing. Are they really putting on their brakes in the middle of a 55 mph stretch of road? Why yes. Yes, they are. While going 55. But should the need arise, they have their brakes at the ready?

Lane Straddler

"See This Road? It ALL Belongs to Me"


You have to love these guys, don't you? Just meandering all over the road, in your lane, not in your lane, off the road, on the road. What fun. NOT.

Pedestrian Missile

"Pedestrian in Crosswalk, Target Acquired"


If you're walking, you are going to want to know who these guys are. Because they don't know who you are, and they don't care. You are in their way and they are completely unconcerned.

Distracted Driver

"Driving Interferes with My Texting"


Sometimes very difficult to differentiate between this group and the lane straddlers, as these guys can straddle lanes with the best of them. But they have to text, or change the CD, or adjust something while they drive, you know, add excitement.


"If You Can Read This, Wanna Race?"


Posted speed limits mean nothing to these demons of the blacktop. 55 in a 35 is commonplace, for example. And on the highway, forget 75. If you can see 'em, you'll see this sticker for sure.


"I'm in No Rush and Neither Are You"


Ten miles under the speed limit is commonplace for these drivers. And of course, they only go out when you are driving. At rush hour. Or when you have an appointment and you can't be late, they instinctively know this and get out on the road. Combine this one with the Left Lane Camper and you will have such fun driving around this one.

LDATM (Laws Don't Apply to Me)

"Green Light = Go, Yellow Light = Speed Up, Red Light = 3 More Seconds"


This designation is for bicyclists and stands for Laws Don't Apply To Me. You see, as a bicyclist, they don't have to wait for those silly red lights to turn green, or wait for those annoying stop signs. It's the driver's responsibility to watch out for them!


"Coloradans Play Real Life 'Frogger'"

Yeah, we have stickers for pedestrians too. And these guys can strike at any moment. Usually with their face buried in their cell phone. My favorite is the Jaywalker/Traffic Stopper because they have to stop in the middle of the street to finish that text.

So there you have it. Ten of the best stickers you can imagine for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. Let's see yours!