Many people have a fun fascination with the legend of Bigfoot; lots of people love donuts. Why hasn't this happened, before?

This sounds like a perfect fit for Estes Park, Colorado; with all of the town's unique shopping and dining spots, a donut shop like this should do well. The shop will have more than just donuts and coffee, as well.


Located on the far west side of town in a little strip mall, you'll find the new Squatchy Donuts, "Sasquatch" being one of the familiar terms for the ever-elusive Bigfoot. Not only will you find a lot of "Bigfoot" items in the store, you'll also find irony.


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The little donut shop about the big creature serves up MINI donuts. How cute is that? It's perfect. You can get a box of eight (a "smallfoot) or a box of 16 (a Bigfoot) portion of yummy donuts, or "doughnuts" as many prefer.

Facebook/Squatchy Donuts

As you look at their menu, you can tell they take their donuts just as seriously as they do Bigfoot. Look at all the varieties of donuts they offer. It is too bad you can't mix-match you orders, but that will keep you coming back. The amount of Bigfoot merchandise and "artifacts" that they have will, too.


I'm guessing that Squatchy will become one of the "must-dos" for Estes Park, within a short period of time. People popping in on their way to Rocky Mountain National Park via Trail Ridge Road:

..a Bigfoot box of Red Rummm, a coffee and this Sasquatch hat, please.

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