If you live in Northern Colorado, you know that we are incredibly lucky to live here.

There is so much to brag about. A team of Redditors came together on the subreddit r/FortCollins and discussed things that Northern Coloradans might take for granted.

Here are some of the responses.

8 Things We Take For Granted in Northern Colorado

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What are things Fort Colonist take for granted?
by u/Hobbitsliketoparty in FortCollins

A Few Additional Things To Add

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The People


I have found that people in Northern Colorado are incredibly thoughtful, caring a kind. Northern Coloradans take care of each other and that should be celebrated. Northern Coloradans are generous and will always open the door for you when you need it.

Need help with a tire? I guarantee somebody will not hesitate to lend a hand.

The Beauty


If you look west - you will see the mountains. It is Northern Colorado's built-in compass. Sometimes when I am leaving work I look at the mountains and marvel at the gorgeous view. Plus, the country roads across Northern Colorado offer amazing views as well. The country roads help limit traffic and can be extremely relaxing.

Great Place to Raise Your Family


Northern Colorado is a great place to raise your family. Each city and town in Colorado offers different experiences for how you want your children to be raised.

There are many outdoor activities for the family to enjoy and Denver is close enough to enjoy the perks of a major metropolitan city.

Plus, the schools are great and you can set your kids up for success for their future.

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