For the past week, an unbearable heat wave has made lives uncomfortable for us here in northern Colorado. 

Temperatures have consistently been in the upper 90s, and Northern Coloradans are sick and tired of it. When will the heat wave end?

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Thankfully, very soon.

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The majority of homes across Colorado do not have air conditioning. I have been debating back and forth whether or not to buy air conditioning.

I keep telling myself that the heat wave will be over soon and that spending money on an air conditioning unit is not wise. Next thing you know, a heat wave hits again. 

If there is another heat wave after the current one, I am biting the bullet, and I will purchase an air conditioner. Mark my words. 

Here Is What We Can Expect

Hot temperature

Temperatures will still be high in Northern Colorado through Thursday, August 24. 

However, temperatures will start cooling down beginning on Friday, August 25.

On Friday, Northern Colorado will have a high of 74 degrees, and that trend will continue throughout the weekend. 

Temperatures Will Be Cooler, But Wait There's More

Lightning Storm

Get ready for thunderstorms. There will be thunderstorms every night on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

We have seen more thunderstorms than usual this summer in Northern Colorado. Hail and flooding have also made this summer interesting.

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