It seems like Colorado makes the majority of lists for the good stuff. Here's another one, but surprisingly Colorado cities are further down than you might think for green living, considering we are so aware of things like recycling, composting, gardening, and locally sourcing food. Apparently, that doesn't always lead to great practices in gas emissions and smart-energy policies.

WalletHub put out a list of the Greenest Cities in America. Denver came in at number 28, followed by Aurora at 41 and Colorado Springs at 62. San Diego, California was number 1 on the list followed by San Francisco at number 2.

WalletHub stated:

“Green” living means a choice to engage in cleaner, more sustainable habits in order to preserve the planet as much as possible. Nearly two-thirds of Americans say that protecting the environment for future generations is “very important,” and 56% believe that stricter environmental laws are worth the cost."

According to the International Energy Agency "the market for greener energy is getting bigger – and renewable energy was the only type of energy for which demand increased during the COVID-19 pandemic."

WalletHub "compared the 100 largest cities across 28 key “green” indicators. Our data set ranges from greenhouse-gas emissions per capita to the number of smart-energy policies and initiatives to green job opportunities."

Source: WalletHub
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