Colorado firefighters certainly have their hands full with the 416 Fire and the Burro Fire. Let's take a look back at the courageous men and women who risked their lives fighting Colorado fires of the past via these Robert Grant photos.

As of today, Monday, June 11, the 416 Fire north of Durango has ripped through more than 22,130 acres, while the Burro Fire is now more than 1,000. For the first time in its history, the San Juan National Forest is set to close.

Here in Grand Junction, the sky is pretty hazy from all the smoke coming up from the southwest corner of the state. Fortunately, thanks to Hurricane Bud, it appears Western Colorado might just see rain by Thursday of this week.

Let's put the bad news behind us for a moment. Over the years, Colorado has been home to amazing firefighters and first-responders. Looking back at these Robert Grand photos from the 1940's, 50's, 60's, and 70's, I see several friends and relatives who've served as firefighters. You'll see shots of Mike Gazdak, who still serves with the Grand Junction Fire Department, battling a fire at a downtown GJ auto parts store.

Quite a bit of time has gone by since these photos were taken, and yet it's amazing how little things have changed. My grandpa, Robert Grant, died clear back in November of 2000. His photos, however, still hold up.

Please take a moment to look back on the selfless men and women serving in Western Colorado's various fire departments. Every time I think my job is rougher than I'd like, I take a look at these. Thank you all for keeping our state safe.

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