Believe it or not, we still have farmers markets happening in Colorado.

We Just Can't Get Enough

Summertime and early fall are prime times for fresh, locally grown produce in western Colorado, and some people just can't get enough. That is exactly why it is so fantastic that we still have a few farmers markets happening in western Colorado.

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Spring Seems Like It Was So Long Ago

Remember back in the spring when we were all so excited anxious for the first farmers market of the year? We could hardly wait. We were so excited about the approaching summer and all the fun we were going to have. Now, many of us are dreading the thought of another winter, and it seems like are just barely hanging on for two or three weeks for the last remaining produce available.

Although the pumpkin spice season has arrived, I was curious to know if fresh produce is still available and if any nearby towns are still having farmers markets. Sure, enough, they are still going on in some locations, but, I can tell you they are getting ready to wrap things up for the season.

Western Colorado Farmers Markets In October

Several towns in western Colorado are having farmers markets through the month of October. Why not take a little road trip and travel to a nearby town and get some fresh produce - and you might even encounter some other cool vendors while you're there.

How Western Colorado Towns Got Their Names

Western Colorado has a very rich history. A lot of towns on the western slope have been around since the 1800s, and some have very unique names. Here are how towns like Telluride, Palisade, Fruita, and more western Colorado towns got their names.

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