Living in Estes Park, Colorado means sharing your yard with all sorts of native wildlife.

Estes Park resident Gosia Pisowicz Stewart has six trail cameras set up on her property to observe animals in their natural habitat.

When Stewart recently went to check the SD cards after about a month, she found an incredible amount of activity in her yard in the footage.

Mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes and deer all passed through the same yard. Oh, My!

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Stewart and her husband even told the Estes Park Trail-Gazette they've renamed the area behind their barn as "Lion Way" because of the high activity. It must have been some thrill to have seen the footage after uploading.

Here's a look at the trail cam highlights Stewart shared on Vimeo. It was all captured between Jan. 26 and Feb. 28 in 2021:

Wildlife Video Project 1.26-2.28.2021 from Gosia Pisowicz Stewart on Vimeo.

The Estes Park wildlife reminded me of another wild trail cam footage captured in Fort Collins back in September 2020.

That's when Herb and Jessica Saperstone found a mountain lion, bear and deer all passing through the same yard within the same two-hour period one evening and early morning.

The Saperstone's live close to Horsetooth Reservoir and are accustom to having wildlife pass through but said it was incredibly rare to have all three pass through during such a condensed time span. Living in Colorado around so much wildlife is a treasure.

Here's the footage the Saperstone family shared with Denver7 news:

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