Warning: The video shared within this article contains graphic images that may be disturbing.

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It's the time of year when massive herds of Elk are on the move.

And while many states (like Wyoming) have a Migration Initiative that focuses on getting animals safely along their annual migration routes despite human advancement into their territory, sometimes tragedy can still occur.

I came across this video on TikTok and just like the people in the background that filmed the video, it made me gasp when I saw it.

In the video, a herd of Elk are crossing a barbed wire fence line, which would normally not be an issue for these large animals.

But in the video, you can see a massive Elk that somehow get's tripped up when jumping over the fence.

As I warned at the beginning of the article, this video is graphic.

While the video is a bit fuzzy you can still see what happens.

Yet per usual on TikTok, a debate rages in the comments about what actually happened to the Bull.

Did it break its back when it flipped or did its huge set of antlers get stuck in the ground?

@pnwhuntingandfishingLarge bull gets taken out by a fence. ##elk ##deer ##idaho ##montana ##wyoming ##hunt ##hunting ##meat ##organic ##steaks ##bbq ##beer ##outdoors ##hiking ##camping♬ original sound - PNWhuntingandfishing

I had my husband watch the video and based on the fact that the Elk's legs were still moving after he fell he said that it was the antlers that were stuck.

Yet as several commenters painted out, you CAN break your back and not be paralyzed.

The video was posted by @PNWhuntingandfishing and in the comments, @shasta.f said that it happened at her ranch. She didn't give details about what happened but did say that one of their ranch hands was able to harvest the meat so it didn't go to waste. I

f you're interested in learning more about the Wyoming Migration Initiative you can learn more about how they're helping Antelope by watching this video.

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