The Northern Colorado Wildlife Center comes to the aid of animals both big and small — and sometimes, very, very small, like the 12 grams of tininess that they encountered during a recent snapping turtle rescue.

On September 9, the non-profit team helped save a 3-5 day old snapping turtle that was found non-responsive on a sidewalk. The center was able to provide emergency care, but the adorable baby turtle needed to absorb its yolk sac before wildlife professionals could release it back into its natural habitat.

Several weeks later, the 12-gram turtle successfully absorbed its yolk sac and on September 19, the tiny patient was released back into a local body of water where it safely swam away.

On September 23, the Northern Colorado Wildlife Center came to the rescue of another young snapping turtle that was found in the middle of a trail at Udall Natural Area in Fort Collins.
Northern Colorado Wildlife Center/Facebook
A concerned citizen called to report the turtle, and fortunately when wildlife professionals arrived, they found it to be uninjured, just a bit cold. The team provided heat treatment to the turtle on-site, and after a short amount of time, it began to demonstrate normal movements again. Once it appeared to be back to its regular self, the team released the turtle into a pond.
Northern Colorado Wildlife Center/Facebook
 According to the Northern Colorado Wildlife Center, snapping turtles have special cells in their mouth and cloaca that allow them to survive underwater for long periods.

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