The presidential nominee Donald Trump was in Grand Junction for a rally yesterday (Oct. 18) that brought in thousands of Trump supporters and protestors. One western Colorado resident took to YouTube to describe his experience.

YouTube Shawn Joyce was at the Trump rally and after experiencing what he says was "an awful experience" wanted to share his thoughts on what he saw.

"... everyone there was a f---ing racist... "

Shawn begins the video by stating his emotions were high and he wanted to make the video while they were still "raw" saying, "... it needs to brought to attention, how extreme these rallies are ..."

As Joyce starts to describe his three-hour wait in line, it's at this point he begins to describe what he says was "arrogant, bigoted and racist" talk. Joyce says he was blown away by how many times he heard derogatory remarks towards African Americans, Mexicans, and homosexuals.

Watching this video, (or if you attended the rally) do you believe what is being said (or possibly heard) is a good portrayal of Grand Junction and the Western Slope?

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